Main Race & Super 6 Race

Two races are available to participate in each week, our normal main race, followed by a Super 6 Race which races for Prize Money.

A big thanks to an anonymous sponsor, Super 6 will be paying out an EXTRA £1,000 Prize Money in 2021 and operate a points system & leader board.  
Starts on Race 1 through to Race 22 (Excludes Race 15) 
NEW FOR 2021.... PLUS Sponsored anonymously £500 for Super 6 ACE Bird award.
NEW FOR 2021.... PLUS Sponsored by Formula 1 Lofts with 3 pairs of matched Formula 1 Stock Birds worth at least £500 per pair. 

RPRA Guidance for 2021

Race Programme

  • This is the 2021 race programme as decided by the Thames N&EC FC Committee.
  • Old bird & young bird racing is permitted throughout the programme. 
  • Please note: This race programme is subject to changes due to RPRA availability or if government restrictions require short notice changes.
  • All Thames members are now UBI members.
  • BICC Guernsey race on 10th July will be the roll over of 2020 Breeder Buyer & Gold Ring prize money. £500 (50 50 split B/B) is up for grabs to the highest velocity 2020 Breeder Buyer pigeon clocked & £250 is up for grabs to the highest velocity 2020 Gold Ring pigeon clocked. Verification on on day of clocking required so a provisional result can be produced.
  • Main race birdage prices are 65p per bird + 50p admin fee per member.
  • Super 6 birdage prices are £1.65 per bird + 50p admin fee per member. Super 6 races will apply to the full programme except race 15 on Wed 4 August. Super 6 will be liberated separately after the main race birds (unless conditiona do not allow).  Time will be at the Concoyer and race advisors discretion dependent on conditions.  
  • Super 6 prize money of £1 per pigeon will be split evenly between the applied races and paid at the end of the season.
  • Members should notify their marking stations by each thursday with their expected birdage send as marking stations delegates are to contact the Secretary by 4pm thursdays so that transport arrangements can be made.
  • On the basis that the bicc will race from Guernsey/France for YBS, our breeder buyer & gold ring races will take place from there.
  • Marking for all thames races will be the evening before the race as usual.
  • To comply with APHA/DEFRA, every bird must be accounted for so all race entry sheets must be placed on the transporter for each race. trainers must also be listed. no bird is permitted on the transporter without being noted.


Distances are in loft number numerical order.
Last Updated 28/07/2021.

Race Entry Sheets

For all rubber entry's a race entry sheet must be completed for each race.


Vaccination Certificates should be provided to your marking station secretary prior to racing.


All rings should be in the name of the racer.

The RPRA now offer free online transfers if both parties have a registered email address using the link below, alternatively you can download a transfer form and transfer rings in the usual way.