In 2019, We Paid Out £1,000 In Prize Money + An Extra £500 For Futurity & £250 For Gold Ring + £789 In Pools, Totalling £2,539!

2019 Winner:
C&J Howse

C&J Howse

Here is our Thames National Messac Open Race Winner 2019: Chris Howse & His Wife, with their winning trophy from our open race. Well Done to you both!

A big thank you to John Gerrard for kindly supplying us with the trophy.


Following on from the success of the 2019 Thames National Messac Open Race, in September 2020 we will be running this National Open Race again. 

Race Date: Wednesday 9th September 2020
Marking Date: Monday 7th September 2020 (PM)
Verification is now also available on our website!

Further information will be uploaded here as and when it is available including: marking stations, race entry fees, prize money, verification details and downloadable race entry forms.
You can also request a race entry form further down this page to be posted to you. 


In September 2019 we held our 'Thames National Messac Open Race' open to all UK fanciers which took place on
Wednesday 18th September 2019 from Messac.
Any age, any sex, one liberation.
Marked on Monday 16th September PM.
£5 Entry Fee per pigeon + £1 Admin Fee per fancier.
Optional Pools, £1, £2, £5 & £10 - All paid out.
Verification by 7.30pm

Marking Stations in Colchester, Hemel Hempstead, Basildon, Canterbury, Sundridge Park, Reigate, Poole & Radstock.

Messac Open Race Winner:
C&J Howse £500
Messac Futurity Winner B&B:
 J. Clarke&Daughters £500
Messac Gold Ring Winner:
D&J Staddon £250

8 Marking Stations, 73 Members & 418 Birds

Race Prize Pay Out Totalled £1,000
Futurity Prize Pay Out Totalled £500
Gold Ring Prize Pay Out Totalled £250
Pools Pay Out Totalled £789
Total Pay Out £2,539!


All marking stations will be provided with race entry sheets prior to the race and they are available to download above, however if you would like this posted to you, please request this below.