A selection of 2020 Young Birds are being auctioned on the Pigeon Chat Auction Site starting on Thursday 20th February & ending on Sunday 1st March 2020 at 8pm / 8.15pm to help fund the running costs of The Thames National Messac Open Race

2020 YB Auction Includes... 

C&J Howse - 2019 Winners,
D&J Staddon, Mark Gilbert, Mr & Mrs J Buckfield, Lee Bastone, Dean Childs, K & J Zerafa, David Hales, Fred Cornwell, Formula 1 Lofts , P. Jackson & Son, David Coward-Talbott, D. Heywood & Son, Tony Buckfield, Tanner & Symonds, Gosling & Jarvis & Davis&Son.

Pedigree Information can be found below as well as on the Pigeon Chat Auction Site.

Lot 1
C&J Howse - 2019 National Messac Winners
Ready end of April. 

From Hen GB19N08005; one of the hens that won the National Messac Open Race 2019.
Her Sire is a grandson of the famous Drum and her Dam is a Geerinck from the National Breeding Station. 
The Cock she is paired to is a Grandson of Syndicate Lofts Granger (the sire of War Drum) and a Grandson of Proper Rik.

Lot 2
Gladwin, Jarvis & Family / Formula 1 Lofts - Ready at the start of May.

Will be the same way bred as Tip Top Tora - Winner of 2019 1st Open Agen, 11th International Hens & 56th Open 22,000+ birds.
Sire is NL10-319: Frisian Boy Junior - A real superstar breeding Cock being responsible for many winners especially in tougher and longer races including the winner of 1st BICC National Agen, 11th International Hens also 56th Open International 22,000+ birds in 2019. Also a Yearling Hen which flew the programme right out to Thurso; 510 miles, flying 20 hours 15 minutes in a very hard race when only 79 birds made it home by the end of day 2. She also done a very hard Perth; 372 miles flying 9 hours 42 minutes. Plus Ripon; 195 miles flying 3 hours 29 minutes. With these 3 races being over 4 weeks. This game Yearling Hen won 1st from Perth, 2nd from Ripon & 7th from Thurso in the Pitsea Club, she also won 14th Fed & 23rd Amal Ripon, 45th Combine Perth & 51st Combine from Thurso. Her Full Sister won 1st Section & 2nd Open BBC National, 3rd Club & 3rd Open Thames from Salisbury beat by a loft mate by 1 second, plus 13th Section 17th Open BICC Guernsey O/B. Frisian Boy Junior is also Sire of lazy bones 30th Open BICC Agen 2019.
Dam is NL13/747 Tip Top Goldmine Inbred Hen from Tip Top Junior x his own daughter (Small Tip). Tip Top Goldmine is Dam and G.Dam of lots of good birds including being Dam of Tip Top Tora.

Lot 3
Gosling & Jarvis - Pair of YBs
Ready first weekend in March.

Sire GB 17 N 60653
G-Sire GB 12 N 84066 Rambo
3rd sect 27th BBC National Bordeaux
3rd sect 29th BICC National Tours
17th sect 37th BBC National Messac
37th sect 214th BICC National Poitiers

G-Dam GB 17 E 21471
45th sect 73rd BICC National Guernsey
She is daughter of Champion Matt
2006 17th sect 27th BICC National Alencon
2007 19th sect 60th Classic Alencon
30th sect 154th Classic Tours
5th sect 11th Classic Pau (day of liberation)
2008 13th sect 112th Classic Alencon
11th sect 47th Classic Bergerac (day of liberation)
2009 18th sect 167th Classic Tours
11th sect 24th Classic Tarbes
And Moraide
2009 8th sect 15th National BICC Falaise
2010 33rd sect 145th Classic Falaise
4th sect 5th BICC National Poitiers
2011 42nd sect 223rd BBC National Messac
2nd sect 6th BBC National Poitiers
77th sect 381st NFC Messac
2012 40th sect 201st BBC National Messac
2012 40th sect 201st BBC National Messac
20th sect 156th Classic Tours
11th sect 55th BBC National Niort
88th sect 165th BBC National Fougeres
92nd sect 191st BICC National Le Mans

Dam GB 12 N 84081
Full sister to Barca 46 he won the following positions
1st sect 2nd BBC National Barcelona
4th sect 6th BICC National Barcelona
12th sect 87th BBC National Niort
42nd sect 236th BICC National Poitiers
55th sect 135th National Messac 

Lot 4 
D&J Staddon

A YB from the stock loft. This will be sprint/middle distance. It will be bred from the line of our Miracle Pair. 
This line are directly responsible for 
1st BICC Cholet 2019 - 2859birds 
2nd NFC Coutances - 1177 birds
3rd CSCFC Guernsey
4th BICC Falaise
5th BICC Falaise - 4065 birds
4th NFC Fougeres
8th Open BICC Guernsey
9th Open BICC Guernsey
Plus 5x 1st WOESRC.
A Grandson of the Miracle Pair won 
1st WOESRC Yelverton - 2039 birds
6th WOESRC - 2166 birds
3rd National Messac Open Race - 441 birds
1st SW Region Ace YB 2019.
Another Grandaughter 1st Club 191 birds & 1st WOESRC 1420 birds.
They are a remarkable line of birds & lucky the buyer will be.

Lot 5
Dean Childs

YB will be a Grandchild of Chalice Sidney who was 1st East Section & 1st Open BICC St Vincent 2017.

Lot 6 
D&G Heywood
Unknown Ready Date. Image of Pedigree for YB below 

Sire: 'Blue Image' bred by Jim Wearn, Son of the Tarbes Winner.
Dam: 'Saturn' Bred by B&P Winter, full Sister to New Gem.
Grandfather 1st Section B 1st Open National Flying Club Tarbes 2019 for Wearn Bros & Neilson.

Lot 7 
Tanner & Symonds
Will be Summer Bred.

Sire: Direct Son of Kanibaal Barcelona, World Class Champion Racer & Breeder. Winner of 1st Prov 2500 birds 4th International Barcelona 2010 against 25,050 birds. 2012 26th International Perpignan against 16,921 birds. In his first year of breeding he bred 1st National Agen 510 miles as a yearling.
Grandfather of 2x Mark Gilbert's Pigeons he timed in on the day 2019 Pau International. 
Dam: Direct from Kanibaal Junior which is a direct Son of Kanibaal Barcelona when paired to Fontwell Lady, a direct daughter of New Laureaat 1st International Barcelona.

Lot 8 
Fred Cornwell

Fred Cornwell has kindly donated a child off of his fantastic racer and NFC Meritorious Award Winner "Epic" his results are as follows:

Flown Tarbes NFC 5 times:2014 66th Sec 206th Bicc Agen2015 72nd Sec 194th Open Tarbes NFC2016 5th Sec 66th Open Tarbes NFC2017 7th Sec 33rd Open Tarbes NFC2018 7th Sec 58th Open Tarbes NFC2018 3rd Sec 5th Bicc Narbonne
* Please note this is a 2019 late bred *

Truly outstanding lot up for grabs here  

Lot 9 
Lee Bastone - Unknown Date

Blue Lambrecht. Parents have bred many winners including 2nd BICC, 12th Open Thames National Messac 2019.Grandfather to the babies was 1st National into Ireland Ulster Prince.

Lot 10 

Davis & Son

YB from 'Splendid Bolt'. 
We purchased this World Class breeding & racing Cock in 2019 at The Night of the Stars Auction in Blackpool for a large sum of money. He is Sire & Grandsire to over 50x 1st prize winners at all levels all over the UK & Belgium. 
We've had reports from his previous owner (Micky Collins) that in the 2019 season a Grandchild topped the Section in the UNC - 5500 birds. 
We've also seen many Grandchildren sold by Pipa in Les Green & Shaun McDonough's recent clearance sales. Les Green told me himself Dirk Van Den Bulck has Splendid Bolts children in his breeding loft, do I really need to say anymore about the quality of this pigeon.

Dam is GB18P25613 - Bred by Premier Stud, she is a direct daughter of Man O Chester x Dark Delilah, responsible for over 100x 1st prize winners.. a beautifully handling small bodied Hen who's as tame as robin. Everything you want to see in a stock hen. 

Lot 11
David Hales / Duncan Goodchild

YB Direct from Just For John Merit Award Winner from International Racing. Doesn't get much better than this.
Mother from two direct Van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers pigeons. Anyone who follows International flying will know these flyers are at the top of their game.  

Lot 12 
David Coward-Talbott
Will be a Late Bred Youngster.

YB Direct from his National Winner Lucia, will be a late bred youngster.
Hen bred by Jack Jutla that is from a direct Son of Rudy of Gaby Vandenabeele, so she is a grandaughter of Rudy. I have two sons here from her and one of them will be paired to Lucia later in the season and the buyer can have the pick of the nest. 

Lot 13 K&J Zerafa

GB20P12804 Blue Cock. 
Pedigree in image below.
Sire: Son of Annemarie - 1st National 4899 birds, 1st International Hens 2801 birds, 2nd International Marseille 12,045 birds. Half Brother to 12th National Agen ZLU 4679 birds YL.
Dam: Daughter of Southfield Supreme Junior - 1st BICC Pau (3hours clear) 8th BICC Ancenis 6500 birds, 51st NFC Tarbes 2220 birds & 93rd NFC Tarbes. G/Dtr of 'Monar' 1st International Narbonne 12,605 birds, 13th International Narbonne 13,335 birds. 52nd National Montauban 9091 birds, 2nd National Ace Pigeon & 2nd Olympaid Pigeon Continental Cup.

Lot 14 P. Jackson & Son

Youngster will be bred down through my National/BICC winners which ultimately down through the world famous international winning lines of Jos Thones Sumo lines.

Lot 15 Tony Buckfield

This young bird will be the same way bred as my 2019 UBI Falaise Winner

Lot 16 Mr & Mrs J Buckfield

This young bird will be off one of his Combine winning Gaston Van De Wouer. 

Lot 17 Mark Gilbert

Ring number GB19E46168 Hen - Ready now 
* Please note this is a 2019 pigeon * 

Pedigree in image below.   

This is a 2019 Pigeon which is a granddaughter of New Laureaat. Pedigree attached.