We hope that everyone is keeping safe & well during the Coronavirus Outbreak. 

News Flash

07.04.20 - £100 Nominated ring numbers into Thames Breeder Buyer Sale - deadline is 12.04.20. £9,500 already in prize fund. For more info, click on the link below.

Up, Up & Away


Thames National Messac Open Race - 18.09.19. Birds liberated at 7.30am in a north north east wind. Good Luck!

Winner Winner

Thames National Messac Open Race - 18.09.19.
Well Done to C&J Howse.

2019 Annual Presentation
Pitsea FC, 
Crown Ave, Basildon SS13 2BE 

Date TBC


Futurity Race - BICC Guernsey YB

Saturday 15th August 2020


Gold Ring Race - BICC Falaise YB

Saturday 29th August 2020


Thames National Messac Open Race Marking

Monday 7th September 2020


Thames National Messac Open Race

Wednesday 9th September 2020


State of the Art Geraldy Transporter

Do Not Miss Out On Our Events...

Prize Money Paid Out In 2019....
£17,600 in Futurity Breeder/Buyer!
£4,100 in Gold Ring!
£1,750 in Messac Open Race + £789 Pools!
Totalling £24,239!

2020 F

Sale 1 - Sundridge Park W/M Club, BR1 5AF - Sunday 8th March 2020.
Sale 2 - Perrywood S&S Club, RH1 5JN - Saturday 14th March 2020.

Sale 3 Rickmansworth & Sale 4 Tilbury have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus.
* £100 Ring Nominations deadline for entry is 12.04.2020 *

Race: Saturday 15th August - BICC Guernsey YB.
Open Prize Money to be won.

2020 Gold Rings:

Available to order now by BICC members. 
Guaranteed Prize Money of £5000!
Race: Saturday 29th August - BICC Falaise YB.

Open & Section Prize Money to be won. 

2020 Open Races:
Race on Wednesday 9th September 2020 - Messac, with marking on Monday 7th September 2020 PM.

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