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In the last two years we have paid out over an incredible £30,000 in Breeder/Buyer Prize Money... have you got what it takes to join in, in 2021 with what must be one of the biggest Breeder/Buyers in the country?

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15.02.21 - 2 Lofts for sale in essex:
40 foot widowhood loft fully tiled roof fully wired ceiling throughout with sliding ventilation.
4 sliding external doors and 4 sliding internal doors.
6 sections 4xWidowhood cock sections fitted with 9 widowhood boxes per section and 2 hen sections fitted with V perches.
A corridor which runs the full length of the loft with 3 internal sliding doors and 1 external sliding door to the left side of the loft at the moment leading to an Avery where the hens can also be housed.
18 foot Young bird loft fully tiled roof wired ceiling throughout.
3 sections left and right sections fitted with 40 PIPA boxes per section and the centre section fitted with 20 nest boxes.
2 internal sliding doors 2 landing platforms with trapping system 2 ETS pads included 2 external sliding doors in the centre and 2 hinged doors fitted to left and right sections.
2 wired bays under the landing platforms with hinged doors ideal for bathing.
Price on both lofts negotiable.
Call Mick Jarvis 0780 3024734

Up, Up & Away


19.09.20 Race 16 Chichester - birds libbed in a fresh north east wind.
8.30am - main race 
8.45am - super 6
Good Luck all.

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Winner Winner

19.09.2020 - Race 16 Chichester

Well Done to L. Tracey in the main race - 1224 ypm
Well done to S. Zielinski 
in the super 6 race - 1179 ypm

State of the Art Geraldy Transporter

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2021 Breeder/Buyer Race - Guernsey BICC YB - 28th August.
Online auctions:
Auction 1 ends Sunday 7th March 2021 - 6pm onwards
Auction 2 ends Sunday 14th March 2021 - 6pm onwards
Auction 3 ends Sunday 21st March 2021 - 6pm onwards
Auction 4 ends Sunday 28th March 2021 - 6pm onwards

2021 Gold Ring Race - Vire BICC YB - 11th September.
2021 Gold rings are available to buy now! 

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