Did you buy a 2020 Breeder Buyer or Gold Ring?
BICC Guernsey race on 10th July 2021 will be the roll over of 2020 Breeder Buyer & Gold Ring prize money.
£500 (50 50 split B/B) is up for grabs to the highest velocity 2020 Breeder Buyer pigeon clocked & £200 is up for grabs to the highest velocity 2020 Gold Ring pigeon clocked.
Verification on on day of clocking required so a provisional result can be produced.


Our Breeder Buyer must be the biggest in the UK! 

NEW FOR 2021.. Due to Coronavirus & the restrictions in place, we held our breeder/buyer sales online! 
Open to all BICC members to buy.
Race: Guernsey BICC YB on 28th August 2021.  
4 Auctions were held on

Over 400 pigeons were auctioned. Every pigeon entered sold, raising over £25,000!
Thank you to everyone who entered and brought. A big thanks also to The Pigeon Superstore.
Prize money to be announced in due course.  

Our back up plans in case we do not get channel racing with YBs or any racing at all (dependent on the changing info we receive over the next few weeks/months):
1. If we only have inland racing and this looks like it may continue into 2022 the Thames will put a race on from the South West as an Inland race in 2021 at around 200 miles to Essex, which will be for the Thames Open Race, Gold ring and Breeder/Buyer.
2. If no racing is allowed for the YBs at all in 2021 than all the prize money for both the Gold ring and Breeder Buyer will roll over to a yearling race with the BICC. Race point to be decided when we have better information as could be race 2 or maybe better as a latter come back race from Le Mans for example, if the pigeons have not been raced at all as YBs. (This is our preferred option).