NEW FOR 2021.. Due to Coronavirus & the restrictions in place which are unlikely to be lifted in time to be able to hold live auctions in the room, our breeder/buyer sales have moved online! 

Any UK fancier can enter as many YBS as they wish as the breeder. 
Open to all BICC members to buy. 
Race: Guernsey BICC YB on Saturday 28th August 2021 

4 Auctions will be held on

  • Auction 1 - Deadline Sun 21 Feb - Start Mon 1 March - Ends Sun 7 March
  • Auction 2 - Deadline Sun 28 Feb - Start Mon 8 March - Ends Sun 14 March
  • Auction 3 - Deadline Sun 7 March - Start Mon 15 March - Ends Sun 21 March
  • Auction 4 - Deadline Sun 14 March - Start Mon 22 March - Ends Sun 28 March

How to enter...

  • Submit all of the required details to the Club Secretary by the above deadline dependent on the auction you wish to enter so that these can be uploaded to the auction. (Any entry without all of the required details will be strictly void and not included)
  • An online entry form can be found further down this page

How to bid...

  • Sign up to (in advance)
  • All bids start at £30
  • Auctions will begin ending from 6pm onwards (5min rule)
  • Buyers are responsible for making courier/collection arrangements with breeder.

Entry details required...
1. Name
2. Address
3. Telephone
4. Loft Number
5. Ring Number(s)
6. Ready Date
7. Strain/Pedigree Info (the more info supplied, the more likely it is to sell, pics welcome)

In each auction, there will also be '5 nomination rings' up for grabs. The buyer will have until 8pm the following Sunday to notify the Secretary of their nominated ring number, this will entitle the buyer to be breeder & buyer 

Our back up plans in case we do not get YB channel racing or any racing at all (dependent on the changing info we receive in due course):
1. If we only have inland racing and this looks like it may continue into 2022 the Thames will put a race on from the South West as an Inland race in 2021 at around 200 miles to Essex, which will be for the Thames Open Race, Gold ring and Breeder/Buyer.
2. If no racing is allowed for the YBs at all in 2021 than all the prize money for both the Gold ring and Breeder Buyer will roll over to a yearling race with the BICC. Race point to be decided when we have better information as could be race 2 or maybe better as a latter come back race from Le Mans for example, if the pigeons have not been raced at all as YBs. (This is our preferred option). 


Enter into our 2021 Futurity Sales a Breeder with as many 2021 pigeons as you wish.
All fields must be completed. 


Following on from the success of the 2019 Futurity Sales & Race, in March 2020 we held our Futurity Breeder/Buyer Sales. 
Any fancier any where can enter as many pigeons as they wish as the breeder, however only BICC members can buy. 
Race: Saturday 15th August - BICC Coutances YB.

Futurity Winner B&B:
P. Jackson & Son -

Sale 1 - Sunday 8th March 20 - Sundridge Park Working Mens Club
Pen 10-11, View 11-11.30, Auction Starts 11.30am

Sale 2 - Saturday 14th March 20 - Reigate Perrywood Sports & Social Club
Pen 1.15-2, View 2-2.30, Auction Starts 2.30pm 

Sale 3 - 
Saturday 21st March 2020 - Mill End Sports & Social Club 
Pen 11-12, View 12-1, Auction Starts 1pm

Sale 4 - 
Sunday 29th March 2020  - Tilbury FC 
Pen 10-11, View 11-11.30, Auction Starts 11.30am

Bird does not need to be in pen but ring number must be provided to secretary before or during penning. Buyers are responsible for making collection arrangements with breeder if bird is not in pen.  

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, Sale 3 at Rickmansworth & Sale 4 at Tilbury were cancelled. We accepted £100 nominated ring numbers into the race until 12.04.20. 

Unfortunately due to further Covid-19 restrictions that have been put in place, it is very disappointing for all, but we have had to make the decision to cancel our Thames National Messac/Falaise Open Race which was due to take place in September 2020.
The prize money set aside from our Breeder/Buyer race (£500) & Gold Ring race (£200) which was to be awarded to the highest velocity clocked breeder/buyer and gold ring pigeon at the open race will instead roll over to a yearling race at the BICC in 2021 (this race will be chosen nearer the time). Thanks all for your support. 


In March 2019 we held three Futurity Breeder/Buyer Sales for our futurity race taking place on Saturday 17th August 2019.
Any fancier any where could enter as many pigeons as they wished as the breeder, however only BICC members could buy.
Race took place at BICC YB Race 1 - Guernsey. 

Sale 1 - Sunday 17th March 2019 - Hullbridge Yacht Club
Sale 2 - Saturday 23rd March 2019 - Epsom Spring Show
Sale 3 - Saturday 30th March 2019 - Thurrock BICC Station

Futurity Winner B&B:
F. Aloisio £5,000

Messac Futurity Winner B&B: 
J. Clarke&Daughters £500

2019 Breeders Included: 

  • M. Gilbert, Rik & Jan Hermans, M. Bulled, D&J Staddon, D. Childs,
  • L. Bastone, Formula 1 Lofts, F. Aloisio, D. Bullen & Son, S. Buckle,
  • B&J Wilson, M. Watts, D. Wilton & Son, D. Hales, A. Mirabelle, 
  • D. Heywood & Son, Talent & Westbury, R. Lowe, R&N Steptoe,
  • Stein Thorsen, J. Clarke & Dtr,  P. Jackson & Son, F. Cornwell,
  • Martijn & Buck De Kruijf, V. Belcher & Son, Bart & Nance Oeckel,
  • K&J Zerafa, A&G Young, Jutla Bros, P. Kelly & Many More. 
3 Sales & 269 Birds, Raised £19,700
Prize Pay Out Totalled £18,100